~A List~

By Gertrude Stein

Directed by Gabe Wexler ’19 and Tom Robertshaw ’19


Audition for A List!

Auditions: October 22 & 23 in Greylock Hall. 

Performances: December 2 & 3 Offsite. 

“Did you hear me say cloudlessly.”

In Gertrude Stein’s writing, the playful is profound, and simplicity blossoms with profound feeling. Circuitously and bravely, A List leads us through a solar system of minds and their failure to be accepted. We aim for this production to be unconventional and collaborative, and we hope to thoughtfully address the play’s questions of queerness, womanhood, and identity. We invite all students interested in acting and performance to audition, regardless of prior experience.


Martha: female

Maryas: female

Mabel: not male

Marius: male

Mary: not male

Martin: not female

May: open

Audition Format:

Each 15-minute individual audition will include three simple tasks of movement, vocalization, and speech. No preparation other than reading the script is necessary.

Sign up for audition on Google Sheet below:

“A List” Audition Sign-ups

Read the script here:

“A List” by Gertrude Stein


Contact Gabe at gsw1

Auditions for Cap & Bells shows are open to all Williams students