fall 2017

fall 2017



J.B. by Archibald MacLeish

Directed by Rob Hefferon ’18

A successful American industrialist survives unspeakable and unexplainable disasters, ultimately confronting God, in Archibald MacLeish’s Pulitzer Prize-winning update of the Book of Job, which is re-told within the framework of a circus sideshow performance.” (Playbill)





JAM, by Vince Gatton

Directed by Nambi Williams ’19

A malfunctioning piece of office equipment brings out the worst in a diverse group of co-workers. Join us for a one-night-only Halloween special!





Pygmalion, by George Bernard Shaw

Directed by Emily Bannigan ’20

“In George Bernard Shaw’s play, based on a classical myth, a blustering phonetics professor bets that he can turn a Cockney flower girl into a passable society lady in three months.” (Playbill)






When can I audition for these exciting productions, or get involved with the production in other ways (like working on the design team, stage managing, and other fun roles)? 

We’ll keep you posted on audition dates, as well as opportunities to get involved aside from acting! Just stay tuned to this website, and to our Facebook page!


These productions sound exciting, but I’ve never done anything theater-related. Can I still participate?

Absolutely! We’re always thrilled to see new actors auditioning, regardless of if they have any experience. And we’re even more thrilled to teach anyone who wants to learn about everything else that goes into a production, so if you’re interested in a more technical/behind-the-scenes job but don’t have experience, we’re also very excited to have you!

Those jobs include: working on the design team (a design team usually consists of a set designer, lighting designer, sound designer, costume designer, and props master, although the team changes depending on the needs of the production), working as a stage manager (or assistant stage manager) to keep everything running smoothly and to keep everyone sane, going to work calls to help build the set for a production…and lots more! We’ll announce these opportunities as they arise, but if you want to get involved but don’t quite know what you want to do, feel free to reach out to our Production team, Carol (ca3) and Jack (jjr5)!


What else is in store for Cap & Bells this season?

Tons! Aside from our three main productions, we already have some exciting works planned for our workshop and reading series, which will be announced in the fall. We can’t wait to share everything we’re working on with you!