Here are some frequently asked questions about the show proposal process and Cap & Bells’ workings! If you have any other questions, check out the “Connect” page for contact information and a question form.

Q: Can I be involved in Cap & Bells if I have no theatre experience?
A: Yes!  We love to share what we know with people who’ve never done any sort of theatre.  Cap & Bells is very much about learning about how to make a great production.

Q: Can I propose a play if I am not interested in being involved in the production?
A: Yes, we designed our new proposal process so that all members of Cap & Bells could have a say in the makeup of every season.

Q: Can I propose a one-act play or musical for Cap & Bells’ upcoming season? How about something I’ve written?
A: Yes, we encourage a variety of suggested works.

Q: Are there any specific requirements that I must meet in order to direct a Cap & Bells production?
A: In a director, we look for a continued commitment to Cap & Bells in any and all capacities—acting, tech work, etc.  Stage management is very strongly encouraged.

Q: How do I propose to direct a play?
A: The Director Proposal Form will be available online and be sent out in an e-mail to the listserv.

Q: What is the Board looking for in suggested plays?
A: Cap & Bells is looking for plays that will capture and appeal to the imaginations and passions of student actors, designers, directors, technicians and audiences.

Q:  Can I be involved in Cap & Bells if I’m not an actor?
A: Yes.  If you’re interested in technical, design, or other work, please fill out this form or let us know using our contact page.

Q: What makes for a strong Director’s Proposal?
A: In the director’s proposal form we are looking for enthusiasm for the project, a strong vision of the play and sense of how you plan to work, and any major changes you plan to make to the script. You do not need to have a complete design team to propose, although you might consider trying to find one or two collaborators.